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How can you activate the SNMP daemon on a Check Point Security Management Server?

A.    Using the command line, enter snmp_install.
B.    Any of these options will work.
C.    In SmartDashboard, right-click a Check Point object and select Activate SNMP.
D.    From cpconfig, select SNMP extension.

Answer: D

Which of the following describes the default behavior of an R76 Security Gateway?

A.    Traffic is filtered using controlled port scanning.
B.    IP protocol types listed as secure are allowed by default, i.e. ICMP, TCP, UDP sessions are inspected.
C.    All traffic is expressly permitted via explicit rules.
D.    Traffic not explicitly permitted is dropped.

Answer: D

When you use the Global Properties’ default settings on R76, which type of traffic will be dropped if NO explicit rule allows the traffic?

A.    Firewall logging and ICA key-exchange information
B.    RIP traffic
C.    Outgoing traffic originating from the Security Gateway
D.    SmartUpdate connections

Answer: B

You have installed a R76 Security Gateway on GAiA. To manage the Gateway from the enterprise Security Management Server, you create a new Gateway object and Security Policy. When you install the new Policy from the Policy menu, the Gateway object does not appear in the Install Policy window as a target. What is the problem?

A.    The new Gateway’s temporary license has expired.
B.    The object was created with Node > Gateway.
C.    The Gateway object is not specified in the first policy rule column Install On.
D.    No Masters file is created for the new Gateway.

Answer: B

Certificates for Security Gateways are created during a simple initialization from _____________.

A.    The ICA management tool
B.    SmartUpdate
C.    sysconfig
D.    SmartDashboard

Answer: D

Which of the below is the MOST correct process to reset SIC from SmartDashboard?

A.    Run cpconfig, and click Reset.
B.    Click the Communication button for the firewall object, then click Reset.
Run cpconfig and type a new activation key.
C.    Click Communication > Reset on the Gateway object, and type a new activation key.
D.    Run cpconfig, and select Secure Internal Communication > Change One Time Password.

Answer: B

You installed Security Management Server on a computer using GAiA in the MegaCorp home office. You use IP address You also installed the Security Gateway on a second SecurePlatform computer, which you plan to ship to another Administrator at a MegaCorp hub office. What is the correct order for pushing SIC certificates to the Gateway before shipping it?

A.    2, 1, 3, 4, 5
B.    2, 3, 4, 5, 1
C.    1, 3, 2, 4, 5
D.    2, 3, 4, 1, 5

Answer: A

You want to reset SIC between smberlin and sgosaka.

In SmartDashboard, you choose sgosaka, Communication, Reset. On sgosaka, you start cpconfig, choose Secure Internal Communication and enter the new SIC Activation Key. The screen reads The SIC was successfully initialized and jumps back to the cpconfig menu. When trying to establish a connection, instead of a working connection, you receive this error message:

What is the reason for this behavior?

A.    The Gateway was not rebooted, which is necessary to change the SIC key.
B.    The Check Point services on the Gateway were not restarted because you are still in the cpconfig utility.
C.    You must first initialize the Gateway object in SmartDashboard (i.e., right-click on the object, choose
Basic Setup > Initialize).
D.    The activation key contains letters that are on different keys on localized keyboards.
Therefore, the activation can not be typed in a matching fashion.

Answer: B

Although SIC was already established and running, Joe reset SIC between the Security Management Server and a remote Gateway. He set a new activation key on the Gateway’s side with the command cpconfig and put in the same activation key in the Gateway’s object on the Security Management Server. Unfortunately, SIC cannot be established. What is a possible reason for the problem?

A.    Joe forgot to exit from cpconfig.
B.    The installed policy blocks the communication.
C.    The old Gateway object should have been deleted and recreated.
D.    Joe forgot to reboot the Gateway.

Answer: A

John is the Security Administrator in his company. He installs a new R76 Security Management Server and a new R76 Gateway. He now wants to establish SIC between them. After entering the activation key, he gets the following message in SmartDashboard – “Trust established” SIC still does not seem to work because the policy won’t install and interface fetching does not work. What might be a reason for this?

A.    It always works when the trust is established
B.    This must be a human error.
C.    SIC does not function over the network.
D.    The Gateway’s time is several days or weeks in the future and the SIC certificate is not yet valid.

Answer: D

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