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MS Operations Framework, MOFF: EX0-102 Exam
EX0-102 Questions & Answers
Exam Code: EX0-102
Exam Name: MS Operations Framework, MOFF
Q & A: 153 Q&As

What is a description of Governance?
A. How IT resources will be used to meet goals and deliver business value
B. a process that ensures individualsare aware of regulations, policies, and procedures that must
be followed as a result of senior management decisions management
C. Who holds the authority to make decisions, determines accountability for actions and
responsibility for outcomes, and addresses how expected performance will be evaluated
D. Possible adverse impacts on reaching goals and can arise from actions taken or not taken
Answer: C

Which is a goal of MOF?
A. ensure that business oversight governs IT service lifecycle activity to promote business/IT
B. ensure that the investment in IT delivers expected business value at an acceptable level of risk
C. provide guidance to Finance and Accounting groups to successfully audit services delivered by
D. provide a common reference standard for any enterprise offering IT services to internal and
external customers
Answer: B

Which statement is true about the SMFs in the Operate Phase?
A. All SMFs feed the Deliver Phase.
B. The Customer Service SMF focuses on how to resolve complex problems.
C. The SMFs are dependant on each other.
D. The SMFs are sequential.
Answer: C

Which is not a goal of the Project Planning SMF?
A. Approve all changes to the project
B. Deliver a clearly scoped project plan
C. Deliver a functional specification
D. Produce a master project schedule
Answer: A

Which is not part of the Envision SMF process flow?
A. approve the vision/scope document
B. organize the core project team
C. write the vision/scope document
D. write the project plan
Answer: D

What is the focus of the GRC SMF in the Operate phase?
A. Documentation and Recording
B. IT environment and configuration
C. Management Reviews
D. Policy retirement
Answer: A

Why would you use the GRC SMF?
A. to assess, monitor and control risk
B. to maintain configuration baselines
C. to manage change
D. to understand accountabilities
Answer: A

The purpose of the Policy and Control MR is to provide IT management with an understanding of
A. How risks to achieving goals are being addressed.
B. A prediction of the burden of control so that it can adjust appropriately for desired benefits
during the operational stage.
C. An evaluation of external policy mandates as given by the Service Level Manager.
D. Whether control environment is legal.
Answer: A

What is the IT service lifecycle composed of?
A. Build phase, Deliver phase,Operate phase, Manage layer
B. Manage Layer, Plan phase, Deploy phase, Operate phase
C. Manage Layer, Plan phase, Deliver phase, Operate phase
D. Plan phase, Develop phase, Operate phase, Manage phase
Answer: C

Which process does not form part of the process flow for building?
A. deploy sites
B. develop the solution
C. prepare for development
D. prepare for release
Answer: A

Which SMF is not part of the Manage Layer?
A. Change and Configuration SMF
C. Incident and Problem SMF
D. Team SMF
Answer: C

Which Phase or layer provides the basis for developing and operating a resilient IT environment?
A. Deliver phase
B. Manage layer
C. Operate phase
D. Plan phase
Answer: B

Which of the following reflect goals of the Envision SMF?
A. Build a solution that meets the customer expectations and Specifications.
B. Clearly communicate the project vision, scope, andrisk.
C. Deploy a stable solution that satisfies the customer.
D. Resolve all issues found by testing and through pilot feedback.
Answer: B

What is the correct order for the five SMFs found in the Deliver Phase?
A. Project Planning, Envision, Build, Deploy, Stabilize
B. Envision, Project Planning, Build, Stabilize, Deploy
C. Envision, Build, Project Planning, Deploy, Stabilize
D. Envision, Project Planning, Stabilize, Build, Deploy
Answer: B

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